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Recently I have started using Fusioninvoice for my administration, billing, quoting and basic client management. And today I will share some resources with you that can be used in Fusioninvoice for free. I will try to keep this post updated with new Invoice templates, html emails etc that you can use in your version of Fusioninvoice as well!

Fusioninvoice describe themselves as follows, "FusionInvoice is a self hosted invoicing system for freelancers and small businesses", which sums it up pretty well. No complicated processes, easy to understand and a breeze to work with.

You will be able to get your copy of Fusioninvoice here for a one time fee of $60. Of course there are some free alternatives to this fine piece of software. Invoiceplane is one of those selfhosted alternatives, on the other hand we have Invoice Ninja as a hosted solution.

However having tried both Invoiceplane and Invoice Ninja before switching to Fusioninvoice I would like to stipulate the ease of Fusioninvoice. It just works, without any further complications. Simply set it up on either a domain, subdomain or subdirectory, follow the instructions and you are off to go.

The interface is easy, clean and immediately familiar which is a great. Furthermore the degree of customization that is offered by Fusioninvoice is really promising. You can customize the email template that is used to send our invoices, quotes and/or payment reminders to meet all your criteria by simply putting together a quick html email and copy paste it into the system settings.

Also for the customization of the pdf layout (of either the invoice or quote) you have plenty of options without immediately getting in over your head.

For the time being I have put together a variation of the default invoice template that ships with Fusioninvoice, which is a bit more to my liking as well as a simple html email structure that I use for sending out the actual invoice.

The invoice template incorporates a company color into the pdf invoice to make it look a bit more appealing. Obviously this is not ideal if you plan to print every single invoice due to the ink usage but why would you, with the option of using either, or as your payment processor directly from within Fusioninvoice!

The email template is responsive for those email clients that support it. It has been tested extensively on Outlook and Apple mail and so far without any problems. There might be minor discrepancies in the spacing of the email in Outlook which I have tried to avoid by adding some conditional comments for Outlook only.

The goodies

Below you will find the links to the resources made available as well as brief instructions where to upload or copy/paste the code in your installation of Fusioninvoice.

Invoice Template v1 for Fusioninvoice

HTML email for Fusioninvoice


Invoice template

In order to use custom invoice templates you need to upload the file XXXX.blade.php to the folder Custom > Templates > invoice templates. There is no need to delete any of the files that are already in that folder. Just make sure they don't have the same name and you don't overwrite any of the existing templates.

Additional You can of course change the color to anything you like, In order to do so you need to make 2 minor adjustments to the CSS on line 44-50. Here you can change the color for the top header as well as for the bar directly below the top header.

.header {
            background: #fee300;
            margin-bottom: 0px;

.spacer {   
            background: #e3cb00;

Next you can select the template to be used for your next invoice from within Fusioninvoice.

some more detailed instructions are to be found here

Email template

In order to use the email template downloaded from the link above you need to open the file in your favorite code editor and copy paste the coding into Fushioninvoice (System setings > Email > Default Invoice Email Body).

Please note that you should not copy the <html></html> and <body></body> tags into this field, Fushioninvoice will generate the email with all the necessary tags and coding for you. Within the email template document that you downloaded I have added <!--Comments--> to clarify which part you need to copy and paste into your Fushioninvoice system settings.

The email also contains a logo, in my case i've opted to host the logo on my own website and hardcode the link into the email. You therefore need to change the following line of coding in the email template and point it to your own logo. Additionally you might need to change the width and hight of the logo.

You will find this line of coding around line 56 of the email template.

<img src="" width="150" height="150" style="width: 150px; height: 150px;"/>

Additional Another option would be to use the following variable within the email template {{ Logo::size(150, 150) !! }}. In the pdf invoice template this variable pulls the logo that you have uploaded in Fusioninvoice and inserts it. I have not yet tested this nor do I know if it works, but as soon as I have some spare minutes on my hand I will double check this.

More information regarding email templates and the possible Fusioninvoice variables that you can include can be found here.

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