The future of Digital Advertisement: HTML5 Responsive Ads

The time where Adobe Flash was the program of choice for digital advertisement specialist is over. Adobe started gradually phasing out Flash, Google started hinting towards HTML5/CSS3 and more and more companies are shifting towards HTML5 Advertisements.

Adobe Flash was a great tool to create advertisements with for as long as it lasted. Flash made it easy to add animations to advertisements resulting in higher Click Through Rates (CTR), and overall the advertisements looked better than ever.

The problem with Flash was that the content of the advertisement wasn't searchable by any search engines, its wasn't responsive, and finally it most of the times didn't work on mobile devices. Apple was the first big company that didn't support Flash anymore when they came out with the Iphone, and eventhough you theoretically could run Flash on Android this is not a very popular option.

HTML5/CSS3 Advertisements

As shown by their name, HTML5/CSS3 advertisements are created in HTML5 and CSS3. Over the last years the capabilities of HTML and CSS have vastly increased. One of the many great improvements is CSS3's Animation capability. Support for CSS3's animations properties is improving rapidly, on both mobile and desktop. With CSS3's animation properties we can now animate HTML objects.

A second great advantage of using HTML5/CSS3 advertisements is that these can be made responsive by means of CSS Mediaqueries. We can now specify how the layout/design of the advertisement should behave on different widths and heights.

IAB (the Interactive Advertising Bureau) published a report regarding Responsive HTML5/CSS3.

Responsive Advertisements

Responsive advertisments are the future and are slowly taking over the digital advertisement market. The first signs of this movement surfaced mid-2013 when Google introduced a new AdSense Unit that supported responsive design. Additionally Google being the market leader in digital advertisement also released their Enhanced Campaigns that year. Enhanced Campaigns are able to tell which device you are using, and depending on that show you more tailored advertisments.

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